Collection 'Grounding. Spirituality. Support.'

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Considering the current situation in the country, each of us needs support and stability. This collection is designed to provide everyone with the opportunity to improve their mental health and sanity, as well as to dive into self-discovery and find a connection with inner spiritual values.

7/11 Seven Eleven, known for its stylish and original products that combine quality and unique design, proudly presents its new collection embodying the concepts of support, grounding, and spirituality, which are extremely important to us during this difficult period.

This collection, made in the brightest colors including green, brown, white, blue, and a touch of purple, symbolizes various aspects of nature and spirituality. Green and brown represent nature and grounding, growth, and vitality; white stands for purity, harmony, and support; blue and purple symbolize spirituality, inner peace, calmness, and openness.

The collection primarily uses natural fabrics such as cotton and Tencel, highlighting the connection with nature and the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Grounding, as an essential component of life, can be achieved through contact with nature. Walks in the forest, time by the sea, contact with grass or sand—all these allow you to feel a connection with nature, restore energy, and relieve stress.

Spirituality allows us to find a deeper connection with our inner world. This can manifest in our ability for self-reflection, self-awareness, and understanding our values, as well as in seeking meaning and purpose in life. Practices such as meditation, yoga, prayer, or spiritual reflection help us focus on inner development and find harmony with ourselves and the surrounding world.

Support is our inner strength that helps us overcome life's challenges and feel confident even in the most difficult moments.

'Grounding. Spirituality. Support.' is created with the thought that every Ukrainian woman can find strength and faith within herself during this challenging time."



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