About us

It is hard to say when the interest in fashion arose if you never needed clothes and as a child, at school and university, you always had graduation dresses made according to your own sketches. "It seems to me that I have always loved fashion, I just began to understand what it means later."

Isai Yulia started working for a little-known brand of business dresses being 23-year-old and having a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology. According to her, she joined just to help her mother with a couple of shootings, creating accounts in social networks, solving issues related to documentation and completing all small tasks.

A month later, Julia began to think about her own business and offered to create a new brand and the offer was not followed by a refusal: “Mom believed in me and told me to draw sketches. I quickly figured out how the things work, created a logo, started accounts and we were already on the way to the “7th kilometer” in search of fabrics for the new 7/11 collection” – Yulia remembers. 

After 1.5 months of painstaking work, Yulia launched 7/11 - Ukrainian brand with American name and also associated with Beyoncé’s song having the same name. It can be read as “Seven Eleven” or “seven elevenths”.  “I just liked the way it sounded”, the founder and designer Julia says. “The name does not carry any deep meaning, it's just a game with numbers, a game with division into parts, for example, female and male. I didn’t want to be narcissistic, so I didn’t give the brand my name”.

It all started with street fashion for women and men, but the brand has long gone beyond street style. "We can do any style."

Julia does not have a specialized education. 7/11 Seven Eleven was being created with pure ambition and the intention to do something different, something that no one else has. She takes inspiration from the rhythm of big cities and creates clothes with a vibrant, recognizable aesthetic. Even basic things for every day are always more haute couture than minimalistic, with meaning and author's details.

In the first 3 years of its existence, the brand tried and managed to play enough with pajamas, swimwear, evening dresses and eventually set aside men's clothing. And by the fifth year it returned to where it started. 

Clothes without borders are the main brand values: freedom of expression and tolerance to any differences (gender, physique, race or sexual orientation).

The brand creates high-quality unisex wear with a wide size grid that looks relevant, regardless of trends. One of the main goals of the brand is to make clothes that customers will be wearing for a long time, due to the relevance of the model and its great look. However, Julia does not limit herself and the brand to gender-neutral frames and sometimes gives out indecently feminine, ultra-sexual models.

“We are for style, not for fast fashion - for everyone who likes to stand out and chooses reasonable consumption”. 

The formula of each collection is: few trends, a lot of eccentrics and a strong base. Everyone can put together their own unique mix on this foundation.

Each collection has the most non-commercial, avant-garde models for which 7/11 is loved most. Julia always follows a plan - to surprise everyone with models, and clients themselves admit that it is difficult for them to predict what the next collections will be like.

To make things easily combining with each other, they mostly use universal shades  putting emphasis on sophisticated cutout and next-generation eco-friendly materials.

The mission of 7/11 is to guess the desires of a modern inhabitant of a metropolis and provide them with a wardrobe that does not need to be changed every six months, but only occasionally needs to be supplemented and adjusted to suit their needs.

Taking care of the planet, the brand completely abandoned the use of natural fur, and also created an additional Instagram account where everyone can sell 7/11 Seven Eleven items or buy them from other owners for symbolic money, as well as find hits from past collections with discounts. “I believe, it's cool to give a second life to things, especially when a person shares the 7/11 values and can only afford to buy at a low price, for example from a previous owner.”

Over the six years of its existence, the brand managed to open a flagship shop, release 21 collection, win the hearts of influencers among celebrities and acquire a clear corporate identity. Further plans of the brand include declaring itself on the European market and creating its own history on a global scale.