Kiev, Goloseevsky Ave, 88

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About the brand

7/11 is a brand of designer clothes and accessories from Kiev for daring and determined women and men of the megalopolis. Every day you set your rhythm and your rules of the game. Going out into the street, you declare yourself to the world - Who are you? What are you thinking and feeling today? What do you want? Your path is only on the main one, because you set your motion vector. But this is fair game by the rules. For you, the author and designer of the brand Julia Isay has been creating things with character, intonation and subtext in the style of smart street wear for three years now. Her collections are affordable catwalk fashion for those who are ready to be the carrier of not only new forms, but also new meanings and new emotions that the city breathes. This is the atmosphere of the streets, where trends and stereotypes do not work, where everyone plays his own game with the city and people, and everyone remains himself.