Dobrun Collection

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Collection "Dobrun" is your protection and armor in the world of fashion.

Our ancestors once called their amulets by this word, which brought good and resisted misfortune. And we call our talisman - a new designer collection 2023-24, which adds confidence and belief in a bright future.

Clothing from 7/11 Seven Eleven has long been not just about keeping warm in winter or feeling comfortable in autumn (the brand has successfully coped with this task throughout its existence). Fashionable looks from the designer help express your personality, show mood. Even if you feel tired and anxious inside, by wearing stylish and cozy clothes, you start to enjoy the details, moments, and cope with all troubles. Have you noticed?

The new collection is dominated by basic calm colors - black and beige, which are easy to combine and dilute with bright accents if desired. And the fabrics are as high-quality and hand-picked by the designer herself: durable denim, pleasant-to-touch cotton knitwear, soft knitwear with a natural composition, and as always eco-leather, which looks new for years.

The brand does not compromise its values ​​and continues to be creative and add original details:

- if straight jeans, then with cuts at the bottom, adding originality to the base

- a mini skirt with an asymmetrical cut and patch pockets for those who love attention

- if trendy cargo, then it's both jeans and midi skirt. Why not?

Outerwear deserves special attention because in it 7/11 Seven Eleven also combines style and comfort, as always in its products. Insulated coats and jackets made of waterproof material emphasize that you can be stylish every day, even if it's raining or freezing outside.

And have you noticed the special element on the clothes, resembling a pulse, but in the form of a chestnut leaf? The use of a chestnut leaf as a symbol in the collection emphasizes the connection with the capital, where the brand originates, with a city that has a great history and influence on fashion aesthetics.

Therefore, the new collection sounds like "Dobrun - the pulse in the rhythm of our city." Here history and modernity intertwine, and stylish clothes for everyday wear and special occasions are born.