Clothes without borders

are the main brand values: freedom of expression and tolerance to any differences (gender, physique, race or sexual orientation).

The brand creates high-quality unisex wear with a wide size grid that looks relevant, regardless of trends. One of the main goals of the brand is to make clothes that customers will be wearing for a long time, due to the relevance of the model and its great look. However, Julia does not limit herself and the brand to gender-neutral frames and sometimes gives out indecently feminine, ultra-sexual models.

Taking care of the planet, the brand completely abandoned the use of natural fur, and also created an additional Instagram account where everyone can sell 7/11 Seven Eleven items or buy them from other owners for symbolic money, as well as find hits from past collections with discounts. “I believe, it's cool to give a second life to things, especially when a person shares the 7/11 values and can only afford to buy at a low price, for example from a previous owner.”