Zoom It In Collection

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7/11 Seven Eleven designer Julia Isay constantly invents new fashion codes and proves that not everything is “invented before us”.

The ZOOM IT IN collection is a truly unexpected look at basic clothing, hacking patterns and a challenge to develop creative thinking.

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the jacket and skirt live separately. What if the skirt itself becomes a jacket? ZOOM IT IN is a story about uniqueness. Real, not for show. For those who think and act differently. Why walk down the same street every day when you can “wake up”, put on your vest the other way around and have a new experience? Everything here is harmonious, not according to the rules: deliberately uneven planks, buttons and loops of different colors, oblique cogs on trousers. The outline of the female breast, as if drawn with a marker. Lapels, which are fastened in five ways.

One has only to take a closer look, and the formal suit turns into a dress, and bermuda shorts from suiting fabric and shorts from eco-leather - into a two-layer hybrid. The feature of the new 7/11 Seven Eleven collection, like all previous ones, is the broken silhouettes, the accentuated waist, the emphasis on geometry. Julia Isai works with a calm palette and bypasses trendy colors and prints that will go out of fashion tomorrow. And versatile fabrics: cotton, eco-leather. The designer is more interested in playing with shapes and cuts, creating sculpted peplum, asymmetrical one-legged skirts and blouses with cutouts in unexpected places. Such an avant-garde never gets old.

ZOOM IT IN calls for a closer look at the details, enlarge them, consider them. All these hooligan inventions are easy to integrate into everyday wardrobe - and it doesn't matter whether it is a woman's or a man's. Zen, balance, unisex and just space.

Digital show of the collection: https://youtu.be/soA31_u5jD8

173€ 139€ Sale -20% to 31.05

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231€ 185€ Sale -20% to 31.05

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423€ 296€ Sale -30% to 31.05